Narcissism 101

This 6 part video course will take you from disempowerment to empowerment.

  • Learn about red flags
  • How boundaries protect you
  • What are the behaviour traits of narcissists 
  • Why did the narcissist target you
  • Learn about safety planning
  • Learn how power animals can help and heal you

My course will allow you to take your power back.

You will learn what narcissism is and become more empowered. I will show you beautiful elements of shamanism and how power animals can bring about powerful personal transformation.  

Session 1

Recognising The Red Flags

Session 2

Setting Your Boundaries

Session 3

Different Types Of Narcissists

Session 4

The Types of People Who Attract Narcissits

Session 5

How To Leave Safely?

Session 6

Shamanic Healing Techniques During & After Abuse


"Write a customer testimonial here. 

Make sure it clearly says the problem your customer faced and how your solution helped them overcome it.

It should be no more than 3 sentences, preferably 1 or 2."


Who they are, what they do, etc.


You deserve freedom from abuse

I have metaphorically walked through fire.

I learnt so much about myself whilst I was in a narcissitic relationship. It takes courage and resilience to break free and make a better life for ourselves. You don't need to do this alone. I want you to regain your personal power. It's my mission to lead the way to help you towards freedom.  


Every journey begins with one step. Join my course and take control of your healing by taking your power back from a narcissist. Knowledge is power but you have to take an inspired action before transformation can take place. Let's do this right now!

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